est. 1997
Nova Lima, BRAZIL
Chicago, USA
Barcelona, SPAIN

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Nova Lima, BRAZIL
Chicago, USA
Barcelona, SPAIN

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1997 >>> 2024

We believed in cooperativism when it wasn't cool yet.

In 2020, cooperativism experienced a 48.5% growth in the corporate credit portfolio, nearly double the growth observed in the overall financial sector, which was 26.5%. While only 10% of companies seeking loans from banks were successful, the percentage was much higher in cooperatives, reaching 26%.

Sicoob alone surpassed R$ 88 billion in credit concessions, with R$ 23 billion exclusively dedicated to supporting micro and small businesses that faced the most severe effects of the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

The importance of cooperativism to the country is undeniable. However, back in the late '90s, the context was quite different. The modern and systemic financial cooperativism we know today was in its embryonic stage, facing numerous business challenges, and discussions about brand construction were still in their infancy.

Despite many obstacles ahead, we were immediately inspired by the cooperative philosophy and ideals. We saw incredible potential in this people-focused model for community development. What wasn't interesting or profitable for advertising agencies, marketing companies, and innovation firms at the time proved to be incredibly inspiring and revolutionary for us. That's how our collaboration with Sicoob began 27 years ago. We participated in the strategic design of Bancoob's first credit card, as the Sicoob bank was then called—a product that elevated the offering and competitiveness of cooperatives to another level.

Since then, it has been almost three decades of cooperative expertise that we put at the disposal of Sicoob and its over 385 cooperatives, with more than 4,300 service points across Brazil.

We still work with the same enthusiasm as in 1997 because we believe that the more people know and experience the benefits of cooperativism, the greater the social and economic development of our country will be.

Click here to learn more about cooperativism or here to join a Sicoob cooperative.

Uberaba, MG. 1995

Landmark meeting for the establishment of Bancoob, with the presence of the President of the Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the president of Crediminas and spokesperson for the System, Heli Penido, and leaders of the credit cooperative system.

Brasília, DF. 1996

Constitution Assembly of Bancoob, chaired by Mr. Lajose Alves Godinho, president of Ancoop, and secretariat by Mr. Heli de Oliveira Penido, president of Crediminas, with the presence of Mr. Dejandir Dalpasquale, president of OCB, Mr. Raimundo Mariano do Vale, appointed president of Bancoob, and authorities and cooperative leaders.