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We are a house of ideas. We cultivate creative solutions in collaboration with our partners to transform businesses and make a difference in people's lives. Each challenge is unique, so our deliverables can take various forms, such as apps, games, products, services, physical and digital experiences, events, films, branding projects, and communication platforms.

2023, social media

Cooperativism is a win-win for everyone.

Product: Brand
Parceiro: Sicoob

A survey by LANCE! Media Group + Kantar IBOPE Media revealed that The Brazilian football landscape is so cluttered that over half of fans can't name a single brand sponsor for their team.  Cooperativism is a problem-solving model, so Sicoob and @danirate joined forces to create a new form of media in football. The project demonstrated the win-win of cooperation. Sicoob conveyed its message of unity, prosperity, and financial justice to millions of people, Dani gained a new business model, and football fans saw moments from their favorite teams and athletes immortalized by the talented artist. Olééééé!


The collaboration was recognized among the best sports projects of 2023 at the Clio Sports, and Sicoob was the only financial institution in Brazil among the winning brands.


2022, product launch

Introducing: FILLO’S Walking Tamales

Product: Walking Tamales
Partner: FILLO’S

Gear up food adventurers and rolling stones! The first FILLO’S x Loggia brand collab is out: Walking Tamales. A novel line of clean label, ready-to-go tamales, designed to be enjoyed on the move. Our squads in Brazil, USA, Spain and Puerto Rico collaborated to develop product’s positioning, storytelling and design. And, to launch the world’s first Walking Tamales, we created a novel experience: The Walking Tamales Tours. These routes – shaped like our iconic tamales – were born through collaboration with local creators across the US, and aimed at exploring cultural connections and dialogues that happen when we choose to walk around our neighborhoods. First step: Pilsen, Chicago, for a mural art tour curated by poet and art tour guide Luis Tubens and visual artist and muralist Josué Pellot.

2022, brand platform

Understanding cooperativism is choosing cooperativism.

Product: Brand
Partner: Sicoob

A survey by the OCB System revealed that only 4 out of every 10 people in Brazil are familiar with cooperativism. Lucy Alves, Nando Reis, along with the 360+ cooperatives of Sicoob and its over 6 million members, have come together to change this statistic and democratize the cooperative purpose. #TemExplicação

2022, documentary

A story about technology.
A story about people.

Product: Brand
Partner: Sicoob

In the early 2000s, technology, operations, and management professionals at Sicoob faced a challenge greater than overcoming the Y2K bug. The task at hand was to seamlessly integrate cooperatives from the north to the south of the country, enabling cooperative growth and impacting Brazil in the powerful way we know today.

In addition to contributing to the creation of a documentary shedding light on this incredible journey, we had the privilege of closely witnessing stories of pioneering spirit and resilience. These stories help explain why Sisbr is a global benchmark in financial automation. A robust digital platform that facilitated the expansion of Brazilian cooperativism, linking over 350 cooperatives, 3,480 service points nationwide. It enables the processing of over 7 thousand transactions per second, serving more than 5 million Sicoob members.

2021, brand storytelling

A beleza dos números. The beauty in numbers.

Product: Sustainability Report
Partner: Sicoob

Sicoob’s sustainability impact numbers are so spectacular that they can evoke feelings and emotions. For that reason, they couldn’t just become part of an annual report, they deserved to be elevated to a higher and more beautiful place: poetry.

“The beauty in numbers” is a poetry-report created in partnership with Writer Ryane Leão @ondejazzmeucoração and inspired by the more than 360 Sicoob cooperatives and their 5.5 million members.

2021, brand experience

We turned music into a tribute on the day Brazil came to a standstill to honor music.

Product: Corporate
Partner: Sicoob

The Ministry of Economy's Business Map reveals that over 1 million companies closed their doors in Brazil in 2020. An impressive number, but it could have been even higher if financial cooperatives hadn't played a strong role in supporting businesses and expanding credit offerings during the pandemic. To keep more doors open, Sicoob increased credit approvals by 30% in 2020, releasing R$ 23 billion, especially for micro and small businesses, one of the segments most affected by the economic effects of Covid-19.

This support is confirmed by a study conducted by Sebrae in partnership with the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), which identifies Sicoob as the financial institution where small businesses were most successful in seeking credit during the pandemic. To honor MEIs and businesses in Brazil and recognize the resilience of over 20 million businesses that closed 2020 with their doors open, we launched a music video during the 2021 Multishow Awards. 'Door Beat' was entirely composed of sounds and images of doors that overcame the greatest social and economic challenge of our time.


‘Door Beat' was recognized among the best music projects of 2022 at the Clio Music Awards, and Sicoob was the only financial institution in the world to be among the winners.


2021, insta–game

Ever wondered about all the things that happen when a business happens?

Product: Brand
Partner: Sipag

After all, a commercial transaction goes far beyond the purchase and sale of a product or service. It's an event that impacts and transforms social and economic spheres within a community. Explore the fully native insta-game we've crafted to showcase Sipag - Integrated Payment Solutions' new brand vision.

Start here >>> @burguerdubeto

2021, promo campaign

Youtuber–Investidor? Agricultora-Investidora? Professor-Investidor? Aham.

Product: Investment
Partner: Sicoob

Cooperativism is inclusive and democratic. Regardless of income or assets, everyone is an investor in this model. Upon association, you contribute to the capital and literally become an owner of the cooperative. In Sicoob, investing is for everyone.

2021, promo campaign

A campaign that sings loudly and boldly.

Product: Credit
Partner: Sicoob

2020 was a challenging year. (To use a PG-13 word).

And for those who needed a line of credit, an extra challenge awaited.
86% of companies that sought credit couldn't secure it or are still waiting.* And 22.4% of loan applicants had to turn to relatives or friends to get the resources they needed.**

Despite the difficulties varying for each of us, we ended this challenging year with the same certainty: in 2021, things will get better. And for many, this change starts with a line of credit. Whether it's to pay bills, upgrade your car, or invest in your business.

That's why, to demonstrate that Sicoob offers quick, accessible credit with fair rates, we've invited Brazilian superstar Martinho da Vila, the expert in showing that “life will get better” <3.

* Fonte Sebrae / FGV
** Fonte: Estadão 2020

2020, online video

The day our team was mistaken for NASA's team.

Product: Brand
Partner: Sicoob

Humanity is going through one of the most challenging periods of its existence. And from the perspective of audiovisual production, it's no different. To create Sicoob's year-end film during the pandemic, we had to reinvent ourselves and enhance collaboration with our partners and teams even further. New filming processes and techniques were devised, and hours of planning were necessary to ensure compliance with protocols and the safety of the entire crew. And, of course, to achieve the result we anticipated. True story: when the team stepped out of the van to film one of the outdoor scenes, a car passed by, and the driver shouted,’Look, it's the NASA crew’!

2020, multiplataforma

How to talk about Pix when Pix doesn't even exist yet?
Pam. Pam. Pam. Pam.

Product: PIX
Partner: Sicoob

We faced three challenges: #1 devising the launch strategy for Pix at Sicoob; #2 understanding how a product with undefined rules would function; #3 responding quickly and in real-time to the demands of eager cooperatives amid market developments.

Our strategy was to craft a narrative and format that could adapt. We launched an immediate campaign to ensure visibility and refined the plan with every new update from the Central Bank of Brazil. The result was a visually striking campaign that mirrored the evolution of Pix.

We collaborated in real-time with Gecom, central offices, and cooperatives to make the campaign a reality, resulting in peaks of 88,000 registrations on October 6 and 56,000 on October 19.

2019, performance

High-performance media for discovering high-performance startups.

Product: Open Brasil 2019
Partner: Vallourec
Alongside Vallourec, a global leader in seamless steel tube manufacturing, we launched the Vallourec Open Brasil 2019 challenge, bringing startups from across the country into competition to solve real challenges in the industry.

The KPI was to attract 40 startups capable of addressing very specific issues, such as finding a solution to quickly and on-site drying the eucalyptus used in the industry's furnaces.

We collaborated with incubators and accelerators to generate qualified leads, conducted A/B testing, made content adjustments, and constantly monitored the campaign's performance. We successfully met the goal with 'a very good quality of startups,' according to Emerson Moreira, a manager at Vallourec.

2019, branding

The voice of the new cooperative generation has been amplified.

Product: Vooz
Partner: Bancoob
The Card Superintendence of Bancoob faced the challenge of creating a new product, focused on the youth audience, to meet the demands generated by the Conexão Sicoob Project.

We developed the concept Vooz, the visual identity, card design, and the launch campaign, bringing to life the card that became one of the flagship products of the System in 2019.

Success followed with positive feedback from singular cooperatives that embraced the idea, issuing 22,500 cards in the first four months of the product.

Most importantly, we initiated the construction of a platform where young individuals can experience the positive impact of cooperativism on society.

2018, multiplatform

Those from afar might think that Minas Gerais works in silence. They'll stay far away.

Product: Brand
Partners: Cecremge + Crediminas
When another financial cooperative system arrived in Minas, the Cecremge and Crediminas cooperatives joined forces to create a regional campaign to strengthen the Sicoob brand.

The goal was to emphasize belonging and the brand's history in the state. It was time for Sicoob to defend its territory. After all, its cooperatives are part of the growth of communities and have always been alongside the people of Minas.

The results were measured in a survey* where 82% of respondents recognized Sicoob as the best agency network, 67% stated it is the largest in Brazil, and 69% acknowledged Sicoob as the safest, most reliable, and solid option compared to banks and other financial cooperatives.

*Fonte: Expertise / Crediminas / Cecremge

2017, inbound

Inbound for a lifetime: the 15-year-long ruler.

Product: Brand
Partner: Laboratórios São Marcos
The São Marcos Laboratory, part of the DASA network, needed to demonstrate to expectant mothers that it offered a comprehensive portfolio of tests and vaccines for both her and the baby.

We discovered that the relationship between the laboratory and mothers begins at 3 months of pregnancy with the fetal sex determination test and extends to the last vaccine before adulthood, at 15 years of age. This insight paved the way for building an inbound marketing campaign with relationship strategies that could last up to 15 years.

Collaborating with the startup Maio Marketing, we initiated a significant customer experience action, transforming the product-focused sales culture within the organization and yielding positive commercial results in the first year of implementation.

2013, promo campaign

What would a piggy bank do if it didn't have to save coins anymore?

Product: Savings
Partner: Sicoob
How to talk about the most commoditized financial product in Brazil? We decided not to speak. We brought the piggy bank's point of view to show that Sicoob Savings is a secure and perfect option for savers. The campaign's ROI was 147%, and all goals were exceeded.

Since then, the piggy has been on the air, made an appearance at the World Cup, turned into a smartphone game, and has been part of the Sicoob Prize Savings Promotion for two years now.

2006, research and product development

Bahia and Hungary have one thing in common: Sicoobcard Mastercard.

Product: Sicoobcard
Partner: Sicoob
In 2006, cooperativism was already catching the attention of major players in the payments market, such as Mastercard.

For the creation of the Sicoobcard family, pioneering work was done at Sicoob: the Card Superintendence of Bancoob held meetings with central cooperatives and their local branches to discuss and design the new product. An on-site survey, supported by Loggia, was conducted. The result of this joint effort allowed the offering of international cards, bringing new and significant benefits to cooperative members and marking a substantial business leap for Sicoob cooperatives.

1997, innovation

A prepaid card that brought back recess for kids.

Product: LancheCard
Partner: Several
No child likes to spend precious recess time in the lunch line. We tackled this important issue =) to design our first product – the ‘Lanche Card’.

Back then, we didn't talk about Design Thinking or Human-Centric Design, but we were already applying the basic principle of user empathy to understand that there was a lot of friction in the process of buying snacks in schools.

The ‘Lanche Card’ replaced cash, streamlined the service at school cafeterias, and made life easier for parents. It also served as a crucial tool for financial education.

By using the card, kids learn practical concepts like credit, debit, balance, statement, and the importance of managing everyday expenses.

With this project, Loggia received the Sebrae certificate for an innovative company in 2000.